1. Eligibility

Protocol Guild eligible projects must:

1.1 Context

The eligibility framework is a “best effort representation” of Ethereum Layer 1 R&D. It tries to be sufficiently accomodating to what is the core protocol, but not any broader. This framework has been modified previously and will likely continue to be: more restrictive in some places and more permissive in others.

Contributing to the efforts referenced above does not guarantee Protocol Guild membership. While this list tries to be explicit when possible linking to specific repositories, there are some research areas which can’t be linked to a single source and may still be considered eligible.

Formal organizational affiliations are not necessary for membership. It may be the case that some members of an organization will be eligible but others will not be.

Independent or unaffiliated contributors are considered by the same guidelines as any contributors “officially” part of teams/projects.

1.2 How to Modify the Framework

Changing the eligibility framework can be made through a PR to the documentation repo. This PR should add the project in the appropriate section, along with the following info:

  • Name of project

  • Start date of the project

  • Summary of why this project should be considered eligible/ineligible