Protocol Guild

  • A collective of Ethereum contributors

  • working to boost the incentives around stewarding the core protocol

  • by maintaining an onchain registry of its membership

  • which allows ecosystem sponsors to directly fund the membership, their work, the public good.

Members are from EF DevOps, EF Geth, EF Ipsilon, EF JavaScript, EF Portal, EF Protocol Support, EF Research, EF Robust Incentives Group (RIG), EF Security, EF Testing, Erigon, Ethereum Cat Herders, Hyperledger Besu, Independent, Lighthouse, Lodestar, Nethermind, Prysmatic, Quilt, Solidity, Status, Teku, and TXRX.

“And, Ebling, there’s another, greater purpose. Hari Seldon founded two Foundations three centuries ago; one at each end of the Galaxy. You must find that Second Foundation.” Foundation, Isaac Asimov

Table of Contents

The Protocol Guild is a mechanism that learns and adapts - this documentation is regularly updated.